Oil Changes, Filters, Belts & Hoses

Maintaining your car with regular services like oil changes can greatly extend the life of your car and enhance its performance. For oil changes, you can choose from a full selection of multi-viscosity, synthetic blends, full-synthetic and high-mileage motor oils to give your vehicle the finest treatment possible. Your vehicle will thank you for this, mile after mile. Whether you're looking to pass your car down to a family member or simply hold on to your car for more years, a simple routine maintenance service by Center Heights Service will be needed.

Blocked or damaged air or fuel filters can significantly impact your car’s performance, gas mileage and engine life. It is critical that you prevent dust, dirt and other harmful materials from entering your engine through your air, oil, and fuel intakes. Air filters help keep your airflow clean and your engine running cooler, while fuel filters help keep your fuel supply clean.

Each time your oil is changed, it is important to inspect your drive belts and hoses and have them replaced as needed. Heat and wear causes small cracks in your belts and hoses. These cracks can lead to bigger problems if left unnoticed.

If you hear slapping or high pitched squeaking sounds coming from your engine, it is time to check your belts before a minor problem leads to a major breakdown.

Call to have your car's oil changed and the filters, belts and hoses inspected today: 216-751-3387

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