Car Battery Replacement

When your car won't start, most of the time it is due to a problem with your battery. Center Heights Service's certified technicians can help prevent you from being stuck with a dead battery. Being an Interstate Platinum Dealer, you know Center Heights Service will do the job completely and correctly.

When you bring in your car, our technicians will check and service your current battery which includes tightening loose hold-down clamps and terminals, remove any corrosion and check your alternator belt for wear and tension.

Sometimes the problem is not with the actual battery, but rather with the charging system or the alternator. When your car's charging system puts too much or too little of a charge in your battery, your car's performance and reliability will be greatly affected.

If your current car battery fails our tests and your charging system is working properly, we can quickly install a new battery and get you safely back on the road.

Call to schedule your car's battery service today 216-751-3387

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