Exhaust & Mufflers

Center Heights Service technicians can keep your car, the environment as well as your health with simply fixing any problems with your car's exhaust system. If you experience any of these symptoms, bring your car in for a complete diagnosis to ensure your car is working at its most efficient level.

  • If you hear vibrations coming from underneath your car. This commonly is a hole or break within your car's exhaust system. With a low pressure in your exhaust, your engine is also working harder, but still under-performing for a double whammy.
  • If you have a failed catalytic converter. You can tell when this part goes because you'll begin to hear a loud sound while you press on the gas or a rattling sound (like a can of nails) while your car is idling. While hearing the sounds just described should be an automatic sign of problems, sometimes your catalytic converter will get clogged and you won't hear a sound. Most of the time your check engine light will come on and that will be the indicator to take your car in the shop. The catalytic converter may be relatively expensive to fix, but it is one of the most important parts to your entire exhaust system.
  • If you hear an increase in your exhaust volume. This sound normally refers to a hole or malfunction in the muffler. This is an easy fix if you catch it early. When you delay this fix, it can create larger problems down your exhaust system and result in more repairs.
  • If you notice a decrease in your miles per gallon. Because your engine is working harder when your car's exhaust system is broken, you will notice you spend more time at the fuel pump than you have in the past. Save some money and time by fixing the exhaust problems early.

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